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Cash Optimization

Do you manage historically or by the bank balance? It might work today, but it will deteriorate your value over time.

Cash is the oxygen of your business and poor cash flow management is the leading cause of business failure. Cash Optimization combines capital allocation, expense management, and cash flow strategies to ease your mind.

Capitis investigates cash uses and needs for liquidity planning in growth, retraction, or cyclical environments to:

  • investigate cash uses (AR, expenses) and needs (AP, buy vs. lease);

  • identify your ideal level of cash reserves versus investments in your company;

  • leverage and/or consolidate banking relationships;

  • ease your mind via accounting/financials checks and balances; and,

  • reinvest and/or optimize your cash.

This process maximizes your cash usage through fiscal/expense management and improves your overall return on cash. For example, Capitis recently mapped out the optimal timing for a client to transition their online transaction processor to incorporate completely different cash flow, seasonality, and cash reserves.

Gain peace of mind in your business with Capitis Advisors. Learn more about all of our service offerings here or schedule a meeting to discuss your business financials today.

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