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Scott Geller, Managing Partner


BS, Cameron School of Business,

UNC Wilmington

MBA, Habert College of Business,

Auburn University 

Capitis Advisors works with small and medium-sized businesses looking to improve their financial capabilities. We prefer working with our clients via a long-term retainer arrangement at an engagement level that makes you comfortable but we'realso open to project work based on your needs. The goal is for you to continue to scale to the point where you’ve outgrown our fractional model,  and need a full-time CFO or have reached your immediate goals.


Scott Geller, Founder & Managing Partner, brings the insight of a full-time Chief Financial Officer at a fraction of the cost. Scott is a results-oriented, highly motivated Finance Chief with twenty years of experience. Scott began his career in bank regulatory, audit, risk, and financial planning at a large insurance company (Genworth Financial). Scott then served as the Chief Administrative Officer at a small technology and services Allianz company, Fusion Company. While at Fusion, Scott held CFO responsibilities including budgeting, pricing, planning, reporting, and accounting in addition to ERP, contracts, IT security, and office operations. 


Scott was deeply involved in a support and leadership capacity at Fusion from the initial spin-off from Allianz through the trials of creating an independent company, and preparing for and reacting to a new market. Scott then guided Fusion through the activities around insourcing Fusion’s capabilities and platform back into an Allianz parent company, while winding down services with non-Allianz clients. 


Scott leverages his considerable experience and a hands-on, pragmatic approach for the benefit of his clients and their businesses. He sees his work at Capitis as an intersection of his talent for finance and his passion for working alongside small businesses and start-ups to help them succeed and grow. 


Outside of work, Scott enjoys staying busy with his two boys’ sports, playing golf, and trying his hand at woodworking. See if you can spot the wooden states on your next virtual call!


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"Scott stepped in at an optimal time and early growth stage for Covintus, but we needed assistance in planning for the future to realize our potential. His immediate value was providing an actionable set of metrics allowing the team to measure our current situation and eventually develop goals critical for growth. The specific feature I valued was his flexibility of not just being a fractional CFO, but leaning in as a fractional executive whether it was sales, finance, operations, or coaching across the business. I would absolutely recommend or refer Scott to any growing company needing structure or scaling direction through his fractional services." 




"The idea of hiring a fractional CFO was new to us, but we quickly realized the value that Scott brought to the business. He worked with us to prioritize his approach based on our needs and immediately started to tell our story in a new light. We now better understand our profitability drivers, setting us up to plan better for our future. We are excited about our continuing relationship with Scott and how he will drive our growth and success. Reach out to Scott if you are a small business looking for someone to improve your financial sense and help guide your future."





"I've been really glad to continue working with Scott after we were previously colleagues at another venture. I can't imagine where we'd be without his help. Specifically, Scott has engineered our financial modeling and fundraising efforts - ranging from VC, to private equity, and much more. He has been instrumental in every aspect of the process and ultimately was the MVP anytime he joined a meeting with our team. He says he's a fractional CFO - but it sure feels like he's working full-time for us. Can't recommend his services highly enough."





"I had a very specific project request of Scott to review and assess a complex financial model and two things stood out to me working with Scott. First, Scott did his homework, which facilitated more thoughtful discussions from the start. When we were discussing the idea and proposal, Scott researched the industry and found some relevant sources that I believe helped him get up to speed on what I needed quickly. Second, I appreciated Scott's professionalism in being prepared to help and ramp up quickly when I was ready. I enjoyed working with Scott and hope there are opportunities to work together in the future."



“My team and I worked directly with Scott to develop the yearly budget for infrastructure.  Scott asked the tough budgeting questions and was always fair with my team on determining the budget.  I also worked closely with Scott in two other areas: commercial pricing models and legal contract review.  I worked with Scott to develop fixed and variable costs that he utilized in the commercial pricing models he created.  We also worked together in contract review to understand technical feasibility of client requests.  In all instances, whether it was budgeting, commercial pricing, or contract review, Scott was always fair but he also always looked after the best interest of the organization first."





“Scott and I worked collaboratively at Fusion, an Allianz Company for 7 years and I found him a conscientious and very hard working professional. One of the main reasons Scott and I have been successful co-workers on almost every project that the company entrusted us with is his ability to delve into details. In his role as our Finance Officer, he came across many challenges and tackled them head-on with success. Scott has an innate ability to chart out our limitations."


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