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Profit Engineering

You may know what your accounting software tells you, but do you know the "Why" or "How" of your profitability? What would 1 to 5 basis points of increased margin be worth on your revenue?

Profit Engineering provides strategies to know, understand, and find untapped profitability within your business.

Capitis explains your profitability and identifies opportunities for growth by:

  • reviewing financials that signify profitability;

  • pinpointing untapped sources;

  • creating or enhancing tools to calculate project, client, product/service, or functional profitability; and,

  • assessing your revenue sources, pricing, recurring vs. project mix, and ERP allocation.

For a recent client, Capitis rolled existing generic financials into custom restructured financials that outlined true margins, profitability levers, and forward-looking capabilities. Our process and expertise put valuable data into the client’s hands so they could make financially educated decisions.

Gain peace of mind in your business with Capitis Advisors. Learn more about all of our service offerings here or schedule a meeting to discuss your business financials today.

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