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Executive Advisor

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Is there anyone listening to your financial needs? We invest our financial expertise in you and are committed to your success.

The CFO sits at a unique crossroads within most organizations, able to either cheerlead the innovation into a sprint or remove the underpinnings that hinder progress. But a single full-time CFO is easily a $200K plus fully loaded expense.

As your fractional CFO and Executive Advisor, Capitis leverages our C-level experience across your business at an affordable cost.

We bring our unique perspective across disciplines to help your business by:

  • providing advice across the organization, including strategic planning, sales, operations, human resources, contractual, finance point of contact, etc;

  • overseeing third-party communication with stakeholders, late receivables, difficult payables, strategic negotiating, contracts, and more;

  • being commitment to your success; and,

  • serving as a coach and advisor to the CEO and/or founders.

Today's environment is light years away from the siloed corporate world of old and instead, requires businesses to respond quickly and adapt collaboratively across an organization. The pace of change has only increased over the past 5 to 10 years and transitioned into a full sprint, especially when combined with the recent societal and economic changes from the pandemic.

Gain peace of mind in your business with Capitis Advisors. Learn more about all of our service offerings here or schedule a meeting to discuss your business financials today.

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