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Business Checkup

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

How can we help your business quickly and economically? With the Capitis Business Checkup -- our comprehensive financial physical.

We’ll begin by developing an initial understanding of your business, your financial situation, and your financial operations through analysis and meetings with key leaders.

The Capitis Business Checkup is a great starting point for assessing your financial situation and includes:

  • meeting with 2-3 appropriate resources;

  • identifying key volume drivers;

  • observation of your financial systems, data, and reports;

  • assessment of current skillsets;

  • Identification of your risks, needs, and priorities;

  • a summary financial forecast profile; and,

  • findings, analysis, and recommendations presented to you in a concise report.

After Capitis completed a Business Checkup for a client, the report we provided was subsequently used in the next shareholder meeting to outline the client’s business financials, receivable position, profitability price/volume analysis, and to create specific recommendations for the future.

Bottom line: Our checkup was instrumental in identifying Day 1 needs, Day 2 infrastructure, and Day 3 issues that would eventually keep them from realizing their future goals.

Gain peace of mind in your business with Capitis Advisors. Learn more about all of our service offerings here or schedule a meeting to discuss your business financials today.

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