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A small business has accomplished sustained growth and success for a few years. The founder(s) are aware of what worked well and a lot that did not work.


While the founder(s) were ecstatic about their success they are also aware of the pitfalls arise from not being prepared for down times and even a growing business.


In these cases, the firms decided to contract a fractional CFO to ensure they would make financially educated decisions.


Two examples where Capitis stepped in as the fractional CFO solution were in the software development space although its agnostic to any market or industry. Scott worked with the founder(s) to prioritize his approach and in both cases focused on the business profitability. The initial stage was understanding the business, goals, and clients with one goal to build a model. The model transformed their generic functional QuickBooks income statement into a tool that "tells the story," identifies business drivers, and provided valuable insight. The model and sessions were used to spur conversation, outline scenarios, and set budgets. The engagements quickly transitioned into support across the organization including sales and ops, as well as assisting on the strategic planning for the future.

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