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We need funding ... we think, but not exactly certain how or where.


A growing digital ticketing platform firm was riding the positive wave of COVID with hundreds of clients flocking to them.


The influx of signed contracts was not yet resulting in paying clients and cash remained extremely tight. The initial solution was to access VC funding in one way or another. However, the founders were overwhelmed with the business side, lacked the financial skill sets, and were uncertain of the approach.


The founders were aware of fractional CFO services and decided to hire someone.


Capitis Advisors brought in Scott Geller to serve as the company's fractional CFO initially on a 2 month project. Scott created a financial model that outlined the financial potential, organized the investment needs (people, sales, etc), and created charts for the investor decks. The client then transitioned Scott's contract into a long term retainer to create the Data Room, identify potential investors, and build out the initial version of the pitch deck. Scott then served as the point person for investor communication and walked the client through the entire investing process. The eventual direction was deciding against funding ... a direct result of the modeling, scenario planning, and strategic guidance along with the business growth.

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